Jenna & Gio's Staffordshire Wedding

As Jenna took the hand that gently led her into the wedding car, she stooped down to the seat and glanced back to see her Dad, Rob, softly closed the door. They shared a look, just for a quick second. That look was full of love, full of joy. I look at Rob and could see him bursting with pride. Jenna, was on her way to marry the love of her life. A proud moment for any parent, I'm sure. 

I feel the water flood to my eyes. I always make a funny noise when I hold back the tears. Gulp. Swallow those tears down, I say to myself. I try not to show how emotional I get on a wedding day. Thankfully the camera covers my face. 

I wonder if, no, when, Rob started coming to terms with giving his only daughter away. The love he felt the first moment he held his daughter in his arms and then brought his daughter home from hospital. Her first day at primary school when she didn’t want to let go of his hand and enter the large school gates. Or the day that Gio asked for his daughters hand in marriage. (Something I'm probably going to have to go through four times). And then before I know it, Rob joins Jenna in the car heading to the ceremony and it's back to work. Mind on getting to the ceremony myself gives me a brief respite to compose myself.

Writing this I check on my daughters. Sleeping soundly. 50% of me wants them to grow up and live wonderful lives. The other 50% of me wants them to stay as my little girls forever. As much as I’d like the second option, logic tells me I'm going to be in Rob's place one day. I better start preparing.