Staffordshire Wedding Photographer | Branston Golf Club Wedding

Weddings are a special occasion - a time to celebrate with family and friends. Your wedding day is also a chance create memories you will cherish forever. Hiring a wedding photographer is an absolute must for couples who wish to look back on such a special day!

Kirsty and Steve’s event was no exception.  It was a beautiful day in sunny Staffordshire, and the atmosphere at Dollies Hair Salon was filled with chit-chat and a hum of excitement.  Everyone had just come from Kirsty’s mum’s place, where all of the girls had their makeup done.  Kirsty had changed her hair color to a vivid, lively red; exactly the same shade it was when she and Steve first met!

A stunning, elaborate white dress hung in the sunlight as we all arrived at Branston Golf and Country Club; everyone could feel the serene atmosphere of the amazing venue.  In such a relaxing setting, you couldn’t help but feel the love a wedding brings.  The bridesmaids were buzzing about in their muted olive dresses, while Kirsty lit up the room with her crystal blue eyes, glowing dress, and pearl-white smile. 

Suspense lingered in the air as Steve finished getting ready.  He carefully placed his Millennium Falcon cufflinks, and donned his tailored suit jacket.  White gold wedding bands awaited this loving couple - a shining symbol of their commitment to one another.  Everyone settled into their seats, holding their breath as Steve took his place up at the altar. The excitement from everyone was tangible the moment you walked into the ceremony room.  It was absolutely going to be a day to remember.

The ceremony was breathtaking; love was visible in the couple’s blue eyes as they gazed at each other in awe.  I could clearly see the love and commitment they had for one another as I captured those moments from behind my lens.  After the I do’s, everyone was gleaming with joy - so much excitement was to be had for this new chapter in Kirsty and Steve’s life together.

Thanks to Branston Golf and Country Club, the reception that followed was pristine.  Everyone enjoyed the newly married couple’s company as the rest of the evening flowed by like Kirsty’s dress during the reception’s first dance.  It was truly a remarkable event to be a part of.

Thank you, Kirsty and Steve, for letting me capture such precious moments for you and your family.  Weddings like yours are the reason I do what I do.