Father to Four Daughters Blog Post 1

As Jenna entered the wedding car and her Dad, Rob, softly closed the door, they shared a look, just for a quick second. That look was full of love, full of joy. I glanced at Rob and could see him bursting with pride. Jenna was on her way to marry the love of her life. A proud moment for any parent, I'm sure. I feel the water flood to my eyes. I always make a funny noise when I hold back the tears. Gulp. Swallow those tears down, I say to myself. I try not to show how emotional I get on a wedding day. Thankfully the camera covers my face. I wonder if, no, when, Rob started coming to terms with giving his daughter away. Something I'm probably going to have to do four times. And then before I know it, Rob joins Jenna in the car heading to the ceremony and it's back to work. Mind on getting to the ceremony myself gives me a brief respite to compose myself.

Writing this I check on my daughters. Sleeping soundly. 50% of me wants them to grow up and live wonderful lives. 50% of me wants them to stay in this moment forever. Logic tells me I'm going to be in Rob's place one day. I better start preparing.