Am I the right photographer for you?

Let’s be honest, there are a shed load of photographers out there. You could browse through page after page of search results in Google, looking at photographer after photographer. Then there’s Facebook. I’d say there are probably even more photographers on Facebook than there are on Google nowadays! So how are you supposed to know which photographer is the best fit for you?

I’m going to make ruling me in (or out) of your wedding plans that little bit easier


What’s important to my couples:

My couples are looking for a photographer they get on with. Someone that will have a good time with them and their guests whilst enjoying and appreciating everything that has gone into planning their day. They like a more relaxed and informal documentary style photos but do appreciate setting 20 minutes or so aside for the more formal shots. (Then it’s back to the party with all of your favourite people)

You need to keep scrolling those ‘togs if:

You want your photographer to shout out orders and dictate the order of your day, that’s just not me. You only want photos at the ceremony. One of my favourite parts of the day is getting to know you and your favourite people, even I struggle to do this during such a short time.