Italy Trip with the Guild of Photographers | Part Two | Count Ceconi Castle

Before heading to Count Ceconi Castle we had quick trip back to the GraphiStudio factory to top up on inspiration and then set off for lunch at one of the most amazing places I have ever eaten in a town call San Danielle which just so happens to produce the best Italian ham ever.  Fact.  Full from ham and other goodness, we set about heading off for the GraphiStudio Castle.  Along a tight and winding road, that will take you all the way over the Alps to Austria if you follow it, (Shane still gets tremors if someone whistles the song from the Italian Job)we made our way up the mountains, (they’re mountains to me, foothills to the locals) until we arrived at the stunning GaphiStudio Castle.  Wow.  What a sight.

Soaking in the views from this wonderful venue, I was able to take a quiet few minutes to reflect on just how lucky I was to be here! Answer: unbelievably lucky.

The venue is used to hold conferences and training events attended and run by some of the best photographers in the world.   Yervant, Shane Young, Jerry Ghionis, Jim Garner.  I have actually walked in the steps of some of these photography geniuses.  My mind did wonder if any had slept in the same bed I did, but that's a bit creepy. (Top floor of the turret if you are wondering Jerry).

Whilst at the castle Jeremy and Francesca ran through some of the range of options available when ordering albums from GraphiStudio.  The ease in which you can create bespoke, one of a kind packages for clients is unbelievable and what a selling point that is.  What else blew me away was that GraphiStudio keep all orders on file, not just a record of what has been ordered, but the image files too.  So, god forbid, somebody loses all their images and there album, Graphi would be able to reproduce the album to exactly what was ordered.  What a guarantee that is.  I'm going to leave this post here as I'm beginning to sound like a sales person and that's not how I intend to come across.  I blame Jeremy and Francesca as their love for the product is contagious.  But I suppose that is easy when you see the care and precision that goes into making the products.  I'm at it again.  

In Part Three: Palazzo D'Attimis