Am I the right photographer for you?

Let’s be honest, there are a shed load of photographers out there. You could browse through page after page of search results in Google, looking at photographer after photographer. Then there’s Facebook. I’d say there are probably even more photographers on Facebook than there are on Google nowadays! So how are you supposed to know which photographer is the best fit for you?

I’m going to make ruling me in (or out) of your wedding plans that little bit easier


What’s important to my couples:

My couples are looking for a photographer they get on with. Someone that will have a good time with them and their guests whilst enjoying and appreciating everything that has gone into planning their day. They like a more relaxed and informal documentary style photos but do appreciate setting 20 minutes or so aside for the more formal shots. (Then it’s back to the party with all of your favourite people)

You need to keep scrolling those ‘togs if:

You want your photographer to shout out orders and dictate the order of your day, that’s just not me. You only want photos at the ceremony. One of my favourite parts of the day is getting to know you and your favourite people, even I struggle to do this during such a short time.

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer | Branston Golf Club Wedding

Weddings are a special occasion - a time to celebrate with family and friends. Your wedding day is also a chance create memories you will cherish forever. Hiring a wedding photographer is an absolute must for couples who wish to look back on such a special day!

Kirsty and Steve’s event was no exception.  It was a beautiful day in sunny Staffordshire, and the atmosphere at Dollies Hair Salon was filled with chit-chat and a hum of excitement.  Everyone had just come from Kirsty’s mum’s place, where all of the girls had their makeup done.  Kirsty had changed her hair color to a vivid, lively red; exactly the same shade it was when she and Steve first met!

A stunning, elaborate white dress hung in the sunlight as we all arrived at Branston Golf and Country Club; everyone could feel the serene atmosphere of the amazing venue.  In such a relaxing setting, you couldn’t help but feel the love a wedding brings.  The bridesmaids were buzzing about in their muted olive dresses, while Kirsty lit up the room with her crystal blue eyes, glowing dress, and pearl-white smile. 

Suspense lingered in the air as Steve finished getting ready.  He carefully placed his Millennium Falcon cufflinks, and donned his tailored suit jacket.  White gold wedding bands awaited this loving couple - a shining symbol of their commitment to one another.  Everyone settled into their seats, holding their breath as Steve took his place up at the altar. The excitement from everyone was tangible the moment you walked into the ceremony room.  It was absolutely going to be a day to remember.

The ceremony was breathtaking; love was visible in the couple’s blue eyes as they gazed at each other in awe.  I could clearly see the love and commitment they had for one another as I captured those moments from behind my lens.  After the I do’s, everyone was gleaming with joy - so much excitement was to be had for this new chapter in Kirsty and Steve’s life together.

Thanks to Branston Golf and Country Club, the reception that followed was pristine.  Everyone enjoyed the newly married couple’s company as the rest of the evening flowed by like Kirsty’s dress during the reception’s first dance.  It was truly a remarkable event to be a part of.

Thank you, Kirsty and Steve, for letting me capture such precious moments for you and your family.  Weddings like yours are the reason I do what I do.

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer | Anni & Chris's Webbington Wedding

Anni and Chris’s August wedding was just perfect from start to finish. It was such a relaxed, fun and loving wedding day with a big entrance song, personalised vows, and a wonderful reading. 

The couple (I’m not 100% sure so credit will go to both Anni and Chris)(my money is on Anni mind) had planned their perfect day, including many personal touches, that brought tears, smiles and a reminder that family is the most important thing in life. Remembering loved ones who are sadly no longer with us is always an emotional part of the day, and something very close to my heart, so I usually find myself fighting back the tears, and this day was no exception. Anni and Chris perfectly remembering those special to them, in such a heartfelt way.

There were so many smiles and laughs throughout the gorgeous Summer’s day. The ceremony took place in the lovely grounds of the Webbington Hotel, before drinks on the gorgeous courtyard whilst everyone soaked up the good weather. 

It was an absolute pleasure and honour to share Anni and Chris’s Wedding day.

Here’s a selection of the images below for you to enjoy.

A little inspiration from an early 90's classic.

Last night I watched a truly inspiring documentary/film about overcoming adversity, having the will to succeed, even when the odds are against you. Being so focused to continue to chase your dreams (which I recommend doing btw), never giving up. I think the fact that it was a true story made it such a good watch, so much so, it even brought a tear to my eye when the going got tough and everyone was against our heroes, but they never gave up.
So when parts start falling off of your bobsled, remember:

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, its “insert what you are going to do here’ time.

I did say the film was Cool Runnings right?



Wedding Photography Lichfield | Bobby and Amy

Bobby and Amy are two of the nicest people I have met. They are also a couple of the coolest too. (I know, by saying cool that makes me the opposite of cool-I can live with that, I have daughters that remind me how ‘not cool’ I am on a daily basis, anyway, back to the good stuff). The service took place at Lichfield registry office before heading into Rugeley for the reception. Lichfield registry office is housed in the Old Library building in Lichfield Staffordshire, which is set on the edge of the beautiful Beacon Park provides a stunning setting for photographs right on the doorstep. An absolute dream!

Bobby and Amy had a wonderful vintage theme running throughout their wedding, topped off with the added bonus of some classic cars putting the finishing touches to their perfect day.

Here is a preview of the day spent celebrating Bobby and Amy’s marriage with family and friends…the way it should be.

Jenna & Gio's Staffordshire Wedding

As Jenna took the hand that gently led her into the wedding car, she stooped down to the seat and glanced back to see her Dad, Rob, softly closed the door. They shared a look, just for a quick second. That look was full of love, full of joy. I look at Rob and could see him bursting with pride. Jenna, was on her way to marry the love of her life. A proud moment for any parent, I'm sure. 

I feel the water flood to my eyes. I always make a funny noise when I hold back the tears. Gulp. Swallow those tears down, I say to myself. I try not to show how emotional I get on a wedding day. Thankfully the camera covers my face. 

I wonder if, no, when, Rob started coming to terms with giving his only daughter away. The love he felt the first moment he held his daughter in his arms and then brought his daughter home from hospital. Her first day at primary school when she didn’t want to let go of his hand and enter the large school gates. Or the day that Gio asked for his daughters hand in marriage. (Something I'm probably going to have to go through four times). And then before I know it, Rob joins Jenna in the car heading to the ceremony and it's back to work. Mind on getting to the ceremony myself gives me a brief respite to compose myself.

Writing this I check on my daughters. Sleeping soundly. 50% of me wants them to grow up and live wonderful lives. The other 50% of me wants them to stay as my little girls forever. As much as I’d like the second option, logic tells me I'm going to be in Rob's place one day. I better start preparing.

Slaters Country Inn Wedding | Emma & Paul

I feel like I say this after every wedding, and I do, but Emma and Paul are just the best people!  And what a day their wedding at Slaters Country Inn in Staffordshire was! From the first time we met I could tell that this was going to be a fun wedding. Emma and Paul are two people who are fun to be around, enjoy a laugh, share a love for their cat Johnny as well as both having a great taste in music. For Emma, the day started at Slaters Country Inn where the bridal party enjoyed their breakfast before the getting ready started.  Whilst the girls enjoyed their breakfast Paul and his best man, Dave, were getting ready at home, and keeping a check on Paul's 3 weather apps to make sure we were kept up to date with the immediate, short term, and longer weather forecast before heading to the venue. A quick hello to the guests and it was soon time for Paul to make his way to the gorgeous Wedding house where he awaited Emma's arrival. Needless to say, all went to plan and the new Mr & Mrs Wright were soon raising a glass with their friends and family in the lovely gardens.

The wedding took place on the 10th June 2017 with the ceremony taking place in the Wedding House at Slaters Country Inn, followed by the wedding breakfast and evening party in the Briar Suite. Staffordshire Wedding Photography by Simon Dixey Photography.