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do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life

Congratulations. From the bottom of my heart. Isn't Love is just the best thing. Spending the rest of your life with that someone you can’t live without. 

The million tiny little things that, when you add them all up, they mean you are meant to be together. And you know it. Your knew it from the very first time you touched each other. It was like coming home. Only to no home you’ve ever known. It’s just...magic. *How is Sleepless in Seattle not in my list*

I know how that feels. Being blessed with an amazing wife and four beautiful daughters, I’m lucky enough to feel that magic everyday. And everyday I set about trying to give them the best day of their lives. Which is also what I help my couples achieve on their wedding day.

About Me

I’ve lived in Stafford pretty much my whole life, it’s the place that I will always call home.  I love to travel and have visited and seen some wonderful places both in the UK and further afield.  I like to think I have a good sense of humour and have written a sit-com (albeit in my head) and I also love useless trivia.

I like nothing more than a good movie and a pizza with my family. My top 5 favourite movies change from day to day, but 'romcoms' are probably my favourite genre. Click here to find out my top 10 romcoms.  In my spare time I enjoy running, and look forward to the Stafford half marathon each year. In 2015 I completed the London Marathon raising money for Stafford’s Katharine House Hospice in the process.

About you

You believe in duvet days and box sets. Family, friends and fantastically good times. You know the importance of spending quality time together be it movies, music and more. Nights in are just as important as nights out, sharing a glass and a laugh or two. You appreciate your kindle, but you love actual books, the feel, the smell and the folded pages. Seeing vinyl records in stores gives you a warm feeling inside, they'll compliment your digital music collection well. You’re starting your happy ever after and I think we’re going to be a great fit.

Have a good look around my website and portfolio of work and if you’d like to make an enquiry, or booking, then please do get in touch.

I look forward to meeting you.


The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.
— Anon

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